There are plants that is use as herbal medicine ,so for now lets focus on YERBA BUENA.

Yerba Buena   is an important medicinal plant .Primarily a pain reliever,it is also used in gaseous distention and as mouthwash.The efficacy  and safety of yerba buena have been proven through scientific research  and clinical trials.In fact dried Yerba Buena leaves have been manufactured into tablet form by the department of Science and Technology through the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development.
In  one way we can also have  yerba buena  preparation into our own home.But do u guys recognize yerba buena clearly ?Well this plant is  a creeping  herb that rises to only 20 centimeters or 8 inches from the ground its stems are fleshy or non-woody  and the leaves are coarse ,this plant is also strongly aromatic.
However there are also another creeping plant that is also called Yerba Buena  ,known scientifically as Mentha Arvensis L. and also commonly as Poleo or Poliyo in some places,this non medicinal yerba buena has narrower leaves and bears pale lilac flowers ,while the medicinal yerba buena  does not flower in the philippines.
Here we go ,medicinal uses of  yerba buena.
Yerba Buena is indicated  or used primarily as pain reliever .The medicinal term for pain reliever is analgesic .As analgesic Yerba Buena is effective for headache .toothache ,and pains caused by athritis and uses as gaseous distention ,and a mouthwash.ok guys thats all for now...thanks to Yerba Buena plant it can help a lot if you know how.

What will you do when you see Bear in the forest?(OMG) might scared!

I like to learn about animals because I planned to build a zoo someday.I studied about Bear animals today.And I know something about them.Oh really feel good,when i saw bears in the zoo but when in forest oh i wanna Anyway lets get to know what Bear behavior and etc.Bears are found in most part of the world except for Australia and Africa.They have short ,powerful limbs and heavy,broad heads with strong jaws.They also have long claws for digging and tearing,they do not have sharp eyesight,but their sense of smell is excellent,although they usually move slowly and often look clumsy,they can run quite fast if they have to ,and most kinds of bear can climb tree's.There are seven species of bear which include several of the worlds largest carnivores.The largest bear of all is the Alaskan brown bear which can weigh over 750 kg.It is actually the same species as the grizzly of western North America and the brown bear of Europe and Siberia .The Polar Bear lives in snowy Arctic regions ,where its all white coate provides it with perfect comouflage.All of the five remaining bears have black coats.They are the American black bear ,the Asian black bear ,the spectacled bear ,the sloth bear and the sun bear.Bears that inhabit cold areas hibernate for the winter.Brown and black bears eat almost anything ,including leaves ,roots ,fruits ,honey,worms ,fish and small animals.Polar bears hunt small whales and seals .Sloth bears are more fussy ,they feed only on ants and termites.oh thats the lives of bears.Despite their size bears are usually shy,they attack only if disturbed or cornered.Now I learned about bears needs and behavior.Thanks!!!

Cactus or cacti grow in a dry places especially in deserts.

Today i wanna study about cacti .I have cacti plant inside the house putted in a flower pot and oh nice cacti always in fresh looks even not watered in about few days .I'd bear in my mind when i saw my cacti plant that it's too different from other plants when i read the whole detail of cacti i did knew that they can lived in a very hot places especially deserts.oh nice ,not a thirsty ok here watchout guys ,there are hundreds of different cacti ,but they all have one thing in common they are able to grow in a very hot and dry climates.Cacti can do this because they store water in their fleshy stems.They are covered with prickly spines instead of leave's.The spines protect the plants' stores of water from raids by thirsty desert animals.Cacti come in all shapes and sizes ,from small pincushion -sized spicemens to the giant saguaro cactus that may reach 15 m in height.They make ideal nest site for birds including owls and woodpeckers.Cacti also provide food for a variety of small animals.

Butterfly is one of the most beautiful flying insects .

Last day  I taking care of my garden  ,i saw a butterfly get on my roses blooming flowers and oh what a nice color of the butterfly has a yellow color wings with matching blue and brown body.I hate black color coz in the old beliefs its not good omen.oh sad...but I was very happy to see butterflies flying in my garden oh i hope they will always visit in my flowers.
This time I will give little information about butterflies,they are the flying insects.They are related to moths ,and lived most parts of the world,even as far north as the Arctic Circle.All butterflies begin their lives as caterpillars,which hatch from eggs.When a caterpillar is fully grown it changes into a chrysalis with a hard skin .Inside this the chrysalis changes into an adult butterfly .When it is ready ,the butterfly breaks out and flies away to find a mate and lay eggs of its own.We recognize that a butterfly has many different colours and they are made wonderful.Yes butterflies comes in many colours ,shapes ,sizes .If  the human being has a queen the butterfly had also.And the largest kind is  Queen Alexandra's birdwing of new Guinea which has a swingspan of 28 cm .At the other  end of the scale the dwarf blue of  South Africa  measures just 14 mm from wingtip to wingtip.oh see.They have queen and dwarf butterflies.oh gosh wonderfully made.

Beetle has different kinds.

Let's get to know the lives of beetles.Beetles are insects that more than 300,000 different kinds are known,some of it are small as a pinhead,others are very large.Beetles come in many shapes , but they all have six pairs of legs and a hard case covering their back.The scientific name for the order of all beetles is coleoptera.I saw the flying beetles sometime makes me scared coz it looks like a bee.last night i saw one beetle flying in my room , I took the beetle and let fly for free in the outside of the house.ok anyway the african goliath beetle grows up to 10 cm long and can weigh 100 g.Beetle start their lives as eggs which hatch into grubs,or larvae.The larvae then turn into chrysalices,or pupae,before the adult beetles emerge.Many beetles and their larvae are destructive pests such as weevils,wireworms and colorado beetles do great damage to crops ,and woodworms eat through timber.However some beetles can be extremely useful,like ladybird are small colorful beetles that eat harmful insects such as aphids and greenflies,the burying beetles and dung beetles they clear animals and dung which the beetles later use as food,burying beetles bury the corpses of small birds and mammals by digging soil from under them,then the beetles lay their eggs on the buried animals for their grubs to feed on when they hatch.


Good morning guys, I am glad to introduce my topic today ,its all about Cockroach it is a kind of insect that we easily find at home /buildings.Yes I knew some of us really known of this insect.Oh some of us really aware of. For more information cockroach comes from the spanish word "cucaracha" chafer,beetle from "cuca" kind of caterpillar.The scientific of this derives from the Latinized greek name from the insect "doric greek" ,Ionic and attic greek.And in the English form Cockroach is a folk etymology reanalysis of the spanish word into meaningful native parts,although cock referred to a rooster and a roach is a type of fish. The behavior of Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world.Pests species of cockroaches adopt readily to a variety.

Purple Grenadier are small birds but wise and responsible

Male Grenadier I like studying about wild life and nature. Today I will share an article about Purple Grenadiers. This bird is a common finch of eastern Africa. The Purple Grenadier weighs approximately 15-16g and 5.25 inches in length. To identify male and female grenadier. The female is smaller and mostly light brown with silvery markings around its eyes. The male is generally violet-blue color with a cinnamon colored head and a red bill. The diet of this bird, they eat small seeds of grasses and Female Granadier small herbaceous plants. The grenadier can be found in Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Northeast Uganda, Somali, Kenya, and Eastern Tanzania. Wow, this bird is like a real couple in human life. The male usually build nest, the nest mage of grass stems and panicles and usually find in low bushes or trees.

Purple Grenadier eggs Ask for reproduction, the female usually have 3-5 eggs and she incubate eggs in twelve to fourteen days. The young fledge in about three weeks looking much like dull copies of the female without the breast specking. The sexes can be identify after about three or four months. This species of bird is a common victim of brood parasitism from the straw-tailed Whydah.