The African Fish Eagles are beautiful

Eagle is the national bird of Filipino people. I don't know about other race of people. In American eagle is also their national bird and in African eagle is also their national bird. Today I'm going to share an article about African fish eagle. As what you see in photos here eagle shows that they are fish eagle. How can you identify African fish eagle? They have such dark talons, beaks and eyes. Both species have at least partially white tails even as juveniles. The African fish eagle is a large bird and the female weight about 3.2 to 3.6 kg and males usually have a wingspan of about 2 m(6feet). Females have wingspans of 2.4m(8feet). The length is 63 to 75 cm. The African eagle are very distinctive in appearance with a mostly brown body and large, black wings, powerful. The head, tail and breast of African fish eagles are snow white and the hook shaped beak is mostly yellow with a black tip. The habitat of this species is still quite common near freshwater lakes, reservoirs or rivers, although they can sometimes be found near the coast at the mouths of rivers or lagoons. African fish eagle are indigenous to Africa ranging over most of continental Africa south of the southern most edge of the Sahara Desert.

How do African eagle reproduce? They breed during they dry seasons, when water levels are low. The African fish eagles are believed to mate for life and pairs will often maintain two or more nests which they will frequently re-use. The nests are placed in a large tree and built mostly of sticks and other pieces of wood. The female lays 1 to 3 eggs which are primarily white with a few reddish speckles. The incubation last for 42 to 45 days before the chicks hatch. The eggs will often hatch a few days apart and the eldest chick will usually kill any younger chicks.