The white rose can mean many things to many different people

I like white rose as it symbolizes purity, innocence and secrecy. When I get married someday I will get white roses for my bouquet. White roses look really awesome and can match anything you wear. White rose has many uses, you can use them for giving gift to your love one as a sign of love and it use to many occasions such as wedding parties, dance parties and more. Rose has been used many times like for wedding invitations, advertising, in print and on website. In early tradition white roses used as a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the red rose.White roses are also associated with honor and reverence, which makes them a fitting memorial for a departed loved one. The white rose is a traditional wedding flower. In this sense, they are a representation of unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love and also a symbol for young love. Another symbol of the white rose is, it can mean many things to many different people. They can symbolize new beginnings, or be a sign of goodbye. They can convey feelings of love, friendship, respect and hope.