An article that will guide you to stop beetles from eating your plants

My family and I have problems about beetle eating our coconut trees and fruit. They are so many that I can even smell them when I visit our fruit tree. I wonder why where they love to eat fruit trees that there are many grass around our property. In this article I will stick to the subject of how beetle reproduce. Beetles are the group of insects with the largest number of know species. Where can you find beetles? They can be found in almost all habitats but are not know to occur in the sea or in the polar regions. Beetles certainly cause damage to people plants as they eat fungi and plants. They break down animals and plant debris and eat other invertebrates. Beetle has hard exoskeleton and hard fore wings, their exoskeleton is made up of numerous plates called scierites separated by thin sutures. The beetles have mouth parts similar to the grasshoppers. Beetles are endopterygotes with complete metamorphosis. The single female beetle may lay from several dozen to several thousand eggs during her lifetime. So if your plants being attack by beetle be sure so treat them early so you wont loss your plants.

Now let me give you some of my opinion of how to stop beetles from eating your plants. The first thing you have to do is use pest control. The second is use natural control by attracting more birds to your property. One thing I know to attract birds the best is to put bird feeder outside where birds can see them. Beetle is one of birds food so if you take my advice or listen to my opinion you might wonder that tomorrow your plants is looking a lot better. Another thing is, prepare the dish soap and water, mix 2 tablespoon of dish soap with some hot water. Before you go to bed spray the plants with the soapy dish water and when you wake up spray again. If you still see some beetle on your plants take them off the plants and throw them into the soapy water to kill them. I hope the information I share with you here today are enough to satisfy your research.