I certainly feel safer, and I sleep a lot better now!

When I moved out of my parent's house and started life on my own in San Antonio, TX, I did what many people probably do to ensure safety. I got a dog. I raised her ever since she was a tiny 6 week old puppy. But the longer I cared for this animal, the more my feelings for her increased. It also made me realize that a barking dog isn't going to do much to keep burglars away. If someone really wanted to break in to my home, they probably would have been able to with just a handful of dog treats. Some security system that is!

So after a recent string of break-ins taking place at several of my neighbor's homes, I made the decision to install a home security alarm system from adt in San Antonio. I immediately felt safer. Not only was my property protected against unlawful entry, but the monitoring center would also report any smoke or carbon monoxide levels to the local authorities, even when I was out of town.

All of these safety features really made me feel a lot better about leaving my pet at home, too. If anything would have ever happened before, my dog would have had no way to get any help and could have been severely injured if a fire or carbon monoxide leak had occurred. But now, I am positive that I will get the help I need, when I need it. My only complaint is that I didn't equip my home with one of these systems sooner.