find out how flies grow and reproduce? Check this out

I hate flies since I was young, they seems the most dirties insects in the world. I was wondering where flies come from and today I understand and discover how flies grow and reproduce. I think you are also wondering where flies come from and if so, this article I write here will tell you how flies live. Not long ago there was dead animals at the farm and I see some little larva crawling on it. I said to my sister oh what is it? My sister said it is a worm. I said, no it's not it is a lot different from worm because it is eating the meat. Doing a research about the things we wonder is really great as it help a person to find an answer. So if you are wondering of something that you don't know do a research online and you will find the right answer. Now let me talk about how flies grow and reproduce. flies reproduce in the summer months and maggots can come in large numbers, creating a maggot infestation and a high risk of myiasis. in sheep and other animals. Maggots usually occurs near garbage cans, rotten food, dead animals and other breeding grounds for maggots. So that's how flies grow and reproduce. I hope you understand about the article I write here.