Tee time anytime!

Ok here is the scenario; your boss tells you "Bob, you have been working hard, why don't you take next week off and go have some fun". Of course that is welcome news but its so sudden and you don't have any plans made. You love to play golf and that would be the perfect vacation for you, but how can you possibly make plans to have a week of fun teeing off on such short notice?

Look no further, I have the answer! 48 hour tee times can book last minute for you in the Myrtle Beach area! Their name is their fame because if you want to play golf within the next 48 hours they can fix it up for you. Actually they are a full service hospitality group and can help you plot the course of your entire vacation needs, but even if you don't need a place to stay you can still use them to plan your golfing. You can book your trip anytime at all because they are available 24/7 and there is no fee. All you have to do is choose the dates, which courses you wish to play, and your tee times; then just sit back and let 48 hour tee times do the rest. You can check them out at www.48hourteetimes.com.

It is subject to availability of course, but this is the surest way to get tee time at short notice on some of the most fantastic courses in the country. You would expect to pay higher prices for services like this but take a look, the prices are actually much lower than what you would pay if you don't use 48 hour tee times to plan your golf vacation. It is a double bargain, best service, best price! There is a lot to choose from, so if you have unexpected time off work, you no longer have to panic or wonder just what you are going to do. Go to the website, plan your vacation, and get ready to enjoy yourself to the fullest!