Alpacas are gentle and intelligent

In my life I never see alpaca in person. I think they look so gentle and curious animals. Today I will talk about alpacas life and why do people raised them. Now lets identify of what member of the family alpacas belong. They belong in members of the camel family. Alpacas are very fine, soft and dense fiber and they can be raise in almost any climate. In hot climates yearly shearing is required along with misting or sprinklers and shade while in cold climate closed barns are recommended. Alpacas are social animals and can be pleasantly dependent on humans. They are intelligent as in little training they become great pets. Alpacas has the ability to spit and they spit each other when they are trying to compete food but they will also spit in human if they are abuse. So my advice is, if you are the kind of abusive person to the animals better not to abuse alpaca so you won't get spit. Alpacas has many uses, they are used for fiber producers, pets, light pack animals, therapy breading stock and investments. Most grasses are poisonous to alpacas such as:cress, carnations, orange tree, buttercups, calla lily, ragweed, buckwheat, bear grass, broom snake-weed, autumn crocus, agave, African rue and many others. Alpacas generally mature between 12-24 months. When we talk about reproduction, the female alpaca are first bred at 14-18 months of age. However alpacas are induced ovulators and can be bred at any time of the year.