Useful information about the life of a skink

I love animals except poisonous animals. Today I will discuss about Skink animals. I have seen animals that look a like a skinks but I don't have an idea or clue to identify their name. By doing a research online it help me know and identify the animals I have seen in my life. Have you heard about skink? whether you hear, see or not, let me tell you about it. A skink have shiny, smooth, elongate, overlapping scale and cylindrical bodies. The shape of tier heads are cone shaped. They are generally alert and active diurnal lizards but tend to be secretive and spending a lot of time foraging under leaf litter. To me, skinks look like a snake as their skin looks like snake skin smooth and shiny. According to my research, there are approximately 600-800 types of skinks in the world. An adult skin ranges in size from 12-18 inches with varieties reaching as much as 32 inches long. Some skin are use for house pet as they are alert, active and gentle. The skinks eat vegetables, meat, crickets and worms. Skinks, are estimated to live 15 years or more. It is known that 45% of skin species are viviparous and some are oviparous. The predators of skink are: Possums, coatis, crows, cats, foxes, raccoons, dogs, herons, hawks and snakes. If you are a skink lover be sure to keep your skink away from those animals.