Opossums help clean man garden

Opossum do not live in this country. I think they live in cold climate. In this article we will know where their life. Opossums are the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere. Some people commonly called them as possums. Where do the word opossum comes from? it come from Algonquian wapathemwa, meaning white dog. The reproduction and life cycle of opossum is, they have a reproductive system that is compose of a placenta and marsupium which is the pouch. The young opossum are born at a early stage even though gestation period is similar to many other small marsupials at only twelve to fourteen days. Opossum is one of the largest species that employ sperm cooperation in its reproductive life cycle. Opossum has a short lifespan, they usually live two to four years.Opossums are great, they clean up neighborhoods ans help peoples garden by eating slugs, snakes, rats, insects, snails, overripe fruit and carrion. I cannot believe these but according to my research, a mother opossums may carry as many as 13 babies in her pouch.The opossum know to eat frogs, snakes, insects, birds, earthworm and small mammals. Opossum know to eat apple and fruit s are their favorite food. The behavior of opossum are solitary and nomadic. They live in one area where there is food and water. Opossums are quite lazy, they don't put much effort building their own home. They usually live in favor dark secure areas like below the ground or above.