The males woodcock has no parental care

The woodcock is a small, rotund bird with a long bill and large eyes positioned far back on the head which gives them 360 vision. This kind of bird are found in the Northern Hemisphere and some range into Wallacea. Woodcock, is belong to scolopacidae family and animalia kingdom. A woodcock may rock its body back and forth without moving its head as it slowly walks around stepping heavily with its front foot. As courting females woodcock, the male woodcock has an elaborate display to attract females. He give repeated "peents" on the ground often on remaining patches of snow in the early spring. The size of woodcock males measure 10 t0 11 inches long and weigh 4 1/2 to 7 ounces and the females measure 11 to 12 inches. What are the woodcock food? They eat earthworms, grubs and other invertebrates animals. A woodcock is a shorebird that lives in forest and is most frequently encountered at dusk when the males chirping, peenting aerial displays attract attention.