Saskatoon serviceberry is a beautiful plants that produces blue black edible fruits

Amelanchier alnifolia is a shrub with edible berry like fruit. Some people called Amelanchier alnifolia as pigeon berry but it is commonly called Saskatoon serviceberry. I think because it grows from the sea level in the north of the range up to 2,600 m altitude in California and 3, 400m in the rocky mountains. This kind of plants produces clusters of pretty, start shaped, white, fragrant flowers in April. In autumn time, it produces blue black edible fruits that are sweet to the taste. The plants is finely toothed, rounded, dark green leaves changes to variable shades of yellow and red in the autumn. This good wildlife plant ranges from North Dakota to Southern California is an attractive bush with an abundance of 1 white flowers and the fruits look something like a blueberry. And the quality of their delicate, snowy flowers, gently mantling the trees in spring, is perhaps more beautiful than the bloom of any cherry.The uses of this plants is, best in shrub borders, woodland gardens or naturalized areas, especially with dark or shaded backdrops which tend to highlight the form flowers and fall color of the plants. It is a beautiful plants and I wish we have this kind of plants in this country.