Aronia has a high acid content

Aronia are two to three species of deciduous shrubs in the family Rosaceae and native to eastern North America. Aronia is a dark berry and more popular in Eastern Europe where its juice is known to help people with heart conditions. This plant grown well on varions soil types from boggy soils that are poorply drained to well-drained sites. This plant grow only 3-4 feet tall and have exceptional orange-red fall foliage color on lraves that hang on late into the fall. They also have beautiful white flowers in late spring and shiny, dark leaves that are not damaged by wind or pests. The berries of this plant are harvested after they all ripe in late Aughust or early September. The berries can be eaten fresh off the bush or used in bread, muffins, pies, cookies and other bake goods. They can be use to make juice, tea and stand alone aronia wise or blended grapes or other fruits.  The fruit of aronia can also be used to make jellies, syrop, candy, jams, barbeque and salsa. The taste of the berries have a distinctive pleasant flavor and they will make your mouth pucker. This kind of fruit has a high acid content but are not sour when fully ripe.