Find out the difference of Artic hare and Rabbit

The Artic hare is the biggest bunny in North America, and is not the same thing as snowshoe hare. It is not even the same as a rabbit. There are two hare that live in Arctic areas. They are the artic hare and the tundra hare. The artic hare is larger than a showshoe, his fur is long and white all the way through in the winter and his ears are blackish around the edges. Their color makes them hard to see. In the summer his coat is grayish brown on top and white beneath. This animal live on the rocky slopes and upland tundra of the artic. They like to live in groups. They eat food that is mostly willow twigs . The leaves, roots, bark and roots and grasses, flowers, mosses, sedges and crowberry.

The artic hare mates between April and May. The males may box with their front legs over a female. Babies are born in late May through July. The female builds a nest in a depression in the ground, usually behind some rocks or behind a bush. She lines it with grass and her fur. When babies are two to three weeks old, they will start to leave the nest, coming back to nurse. The artic hares are nocturnal, they often garther in groups of 10-60 hares when they are feeding. This animal can run up to 40 miles per hour. The top predator of artic hare is the artic wolf.

The artic hare look like a rabbit but they are different. The major difference between a rabbit and a har is that, they young of a hare are born open-eyed and fured. The rabbits young are born naked and with closed eyes. Hare are able to leave the nest soon after they are born but rabbits don't even open their eyes for 7-10 days. The feet of artic hare are huge compared to rabbits. Having a big feet is like having snowshoes.