The best way I know to find the best web hosting provider

In this time of slow economy it is very easy for a business to fail. One reason that I can think of is, probably because a lot of merchants do not put their business online. Advertising your business online will guide you get a lot of traffic for your website. More traffic means more sales. When you decide to put your business online you need to make sure that you get a good webhosting service, that is dependable and user friendly.

So how can you tell which web hosting services is best? Really it is easy because there is a site called Web Hosting Geeks that do independent reviews of web hosting providers. You can actually get your site hosted for less than $10 per month and get at least one free domain name registration. If you already have a web hosting service you can write a review and let other webmasters know how you feel about them.

While perusing this site I noticed web hosting for as little as $3.50 per month, with unlimited traffic. It comes with an unbelievable $400 of free extras! There are some providers that cost even less than that. Whether you are looking for a good web host or just wanting to provide information to others about web hosts you have tried, it is a good idea to check out Web Hosting Geeks.


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