A good credit score is the lifeblood of your future

My husband and I have several credit cards and we realize how important it is to keep our credit intact. We have discussed it many times and we realize that without good credit we could not buy a lot of the things we need, or if we did find a place that would sell us something on credit the interest rate would be exorbitant and we might even have to make weekly payments instead of monthly. That is why it is important to keep our credit score as high as possible.

Protecting ourselves from identity theft is also of paramount importance. Identity theft can become a nightmare. your credit is quickly ruined, even though you did nothing wrong. My husband and I have decided to guard ourselves against that possibility by letting a professional take care of it for us.  For those who need credit card protection I suggest you to visit FreeScore.com. It is a site that offers services such as immediate access to all 3 credit scores, reports and monitoring of your credit, as well as educational information and tips on how to safeguard ourselves from bad credit and identity theft.

We use our credit cards nearly every week and without them and without our good credit standing, we would be lost. We think everyone should take steps to protect themselves and ensure their good credit. We did!