Autumn crucus historically use as potent poison

rename The lesson I will share with you here today is about Calchicum autumnale that is commonly known as autumn crucus. The plant autumn crocus is native to Europe but has been introduced to Canada and in the U.S., where it is both grown in the gardens and lives as a wild escapee in meadows and woodlands. The leaves of this perennial plant are dark green. The flowers grow out like of a corn, bulblike base and a fleshy. The color of the flower is light purple or white.

This plant has been used historically as a potent poison, ground into a powder, and was often administered in wine. Its main active principle is the alkaline substance colchicine which is used today as one of the principal medications in gout therapy. It is considered one of the best remedies for a cute gout pain. It is very useful and very effective in terms of medicine. It is applied to relieve neuralgia and itchiness. You can plant this plant by using corm, flower or seed.