Badger is capable of digging faster than a person with a shovel, Find out why?

Badger I'm going to share about the Badger animals today. The badger animals has short legs and flat body covered with long silvery-gray hairs that drag along the ground. It is a pretty animals and they live underground. Badger is a good digger why? their claws on its front feet are long, sharp and can dig with all four feet. This animals eat mice, squirrels, other rodents animals and will also eat insects. Badger usually come out at night and look for food. The size of the badger is about 25cm tall and about 60 cm long and the weight is about 5-10kgs. The tail is about 8 cm with a distinct white stripe down the middle of their face. When you see an animals that the fur on their head is black apart from their stripe that is called a badger.

Ask reproduction of this animals. The home ranges of both male and female badgers expands during the breeding season. They do that indication that males and females travel more extensively to find mates. The males and females badger mating occurs in late summer or early autumn but embryos are arrested early in development. After their mating period the female is technically pregnant for 7 months.Two to seven babies are born in late spring. The mother badger teaches her babies of how to hunt for food and during the fall season.The young ones leave home and then they have to dig their own den. Note that badger is capable of digging faster than a person with a shovel.This animals belong to one of the most largest carnivore families.