Jewelry displays are all the rage

I've been a fan of jewelry for a long time. For years now, I've actually been using jewelry as a way to switch up my wardrobe and keep up with the trends from season to season. I have quite a collection that I'm pretty proud of and I'm kind of running out of room for all of it. So I've been on the lookout for some kind of jewelry display or organizer to keep and admire my jewelry in.

I went online to try and find a jewelry organizer that would hold all of my stuff and also fit in with the rest of my decor in my bedroom. While I was in part of my search, I found some Clear 4g specials that looked so good that I did a little bit of research on them and signed up for one of them.

But even though I had been looking for a jewelry display to just buy, I got a great idea for how to make one. So I used this one picture frame that I had in the garage and made this great jewelry display out of it.