Kingfish is one of my favorite fish, why?

Kingfish Last weekend my husband and I went to the mall to do our Christmas shopping. We also went to Filipino store located at Springdale Arkansas. In fact, we bought 3 to 4 pounds of kingfish. My husband love kingfish and so do I. Last night we fried some kingfish we bought and make some kilawin with it. If you ask me what is Kilawin? is my pleasure you to tell you here. Kilawin is a fish that cooked with vinegar with lots of pepper and spices like: hot pepper, ginger, onion, green onion and more. I love kilawin, healthy and make me have a good appetite.

Now let me explain how people get crazy about kingfish. In my understanding, Kingfish is a fish that live in salt water that can be caught from ocean. The kingfish is a big fish that taste different from other fish. People make special cooking with kingfish as it is one of the well known fish that people are crazy about. Based on my research, this fish is a large game fish, native to warm Atlantic coastal waters. It is any of several food and game fishes of the drum family indigenous to warm Atlantic water of the North American coast. To indentify the kingfish, it is silvery fish as you can see the photo above.