My Black Friday Deals

I love shopping and Black Friday it is my favorite day of the year to go shopping. This year I went with my daughter we met up at Kohl's Department store with coffee in hand. They did have coffee there also so that was great. Kohl's opened up at 3 am this year so it was really awesome. We celebrated Thanksgiving and then left right after the meal to head home to get some sleep so we could get to Kohl's by 3am. The crowds were lined up around the store when we pulled up there around 2 30 am. There were the usual pushy people trying to skip in front of us in line but that really doesn't bother my daughter or me. The sales are just so great we would wait in line all day if we had to.

Once in the store my daughter got her hands on some Direct TV deals. It was priced at $500 and it organically was over $1500. So she got a great deal. I headed over for the computers. I got myself a real nice HP Computer with a flat screen monitor for only $300. It was originally $800 without the monitor. So we scooped up on two really good deals there. We did find a lot of other sales such as clothing and other things. Black Friday really paid off big time for us, and we can't wait until we go again next year.