My sister in phils,is fond of eating seaweed.By the way seaweed is a kind of food and it looks wonderful.If u guys like to eat seaweed ,u can have it by buying into the market and when u buy in the market it was already cook as half cook.So when u want to eat no need to cook again but only to add ingredients on it.As you can see in the pictures that was a fresh seaweed and people sale in the market and was already in cook.Anyway guys most of you don't know what is seaweed , so your time to learn now.Ok seaweed is a microorganism that grows in oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water and is comprised of algae. Algae is a plantlike organism that doesn’t contain actual roots, flowers, leaves and stems, but does contain the green pigment known as chlorophyll.
It is good for health also it has many uses for different types of products around the world. One of the major uses is for food, as it can be quite rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Wow hows that Guys? People living on coasts use seaweed to make noodles, bread, drinks and more. Another popular use is when sheets of dried seaweed are used to wrap sushi.

In the other hand seaweed has two things that can be extracted this is so called the agar and carrageenan which are used throughout food, drug and other industries. Carrageenan is used to help make paper and toothpaste, among other things, while agar can be used as a thickening agent in foods. Agar is also used widely in laboratories to help grow bacterial cultures. Seaweed can also be used in beauty products, medicine, animal food, fertilizer, and more.OK till here now hope you learn something.Until next time.