There are many species of Aciphylla flowering plants.

Aciphylla are perhaps the meanest of the New Zealand plants but in other countries they are most interesting and unique flora. The family name of this plant is Apiaceae and the genus name is Aciphylla. There many kind aciphylla plants, such as aciphylla anomala, aciphylla aurea, aciphylla congesta and many more. The aciphylla aurea is male flower and the aciphylla glaucescens is eyre mountains. Cultivating this flowering plant is not too difficult and once you get past the idea of sharing your garden with these monster of the vegetable world, the rewards make it all worth while. The colours of the leaves make them worthy of a place in any ones garden. The cultivation is usually from seed which should be sown fresh and should ideally receive a cold treatment.

Aciphylla colensoi is part of the aciphylla family. Colensoi is commonly known as speargrass or spaniard. It has yellow flowers and can be found in both main islands of New Zealand. The leaves are rigid and divided into long and narrow segments, all pointing forwards and outwards in all directions. Leaves are usually green or greyish green with prominent orange or reddish midribs. The other species of aiphylla is Aurea. The Aciphylla aurea don't agree with cold temperatures during this time of year. They can be grown outside in a bright place with direct sunlight. These are evergreen plants, which means they keep their leaves green all year round. In searching aciphylla flowering plants online is not easy. There are more than 40 species about aciphylla.