Pepper spray and mace are cheap and easy ways to defend yourself

Imagine that you are walking alone, through a dark parking garage; the safety of your car is still far away, when suddenly you hear footsteps running behind you, approaching you. You see the glint of a weapon in the man's hand and you see the ski mask over his face. Your heart jumps, and starts beating rapidly. Your breath comes quickly and you want to run to safety, but you know that you don't have time. What can you do?

You don't even have to think about it. You already have your pepper spray in your hand, and as the mugger comes near you let him have it, right in the face. Instantly his eyes are blinded and he loses his breath. He falls at your feet, and you calmly walk to your car and drive away. A very dangerous situation is averted easily. The attacker didn't even realize that you had any defense because you used your  pen defender that looks exactly like a fountain pen, but sends muggers flying with a shot of pepper spray up to 5 feet away.

Pepper spray and mace are a very cheap and efficient way of protecting yourself. They disable attackers instantly, while causing no permanent damage. They come in non-suspectable containers such as the above mentioned pen, lipstick, and even key chains. Both male and female can take advantage of this easy and economical way of self defense. Now its no longer necessary, and  even foolish to go unprotected.