The Borrow's Goldeneye is one of the diving duck

Borrow's Goldeneye is a wonderful beautiful likable bird. It is a medium diving duck with black upper parts, contrasting while shoulder bars, white underparts. The head is glossy, large, purple-black with golden yellow eyes and a crescent-shaped white patch behind a dark bill. It feeds almost entirely on mollusks obtained by diving, but also takes occasional snail, sea urchin, or marine worm.This bird breeds in western Canada, Alaska, and Northwest U.S and eastern Canada. To identify the male and female. The male has white body, black hack, and black appearing, glossy with purple head. The female has gray with brown head, white collar, and orange yellow bill. I never see this kind of bird in real life but I see bird up the sky that looks alike this bird. It is similar to duck but I say when I saw the picture, it is more beautiful and neat looking bird. In winter time, the Borrow's goldeneyes are often observed in large flocks on lakes, rivers, estuaries and bays from Southern Alaska, Southern along the west coast of the United States to central California, locally from southern British Columbia and Another Montana to Northern Nevada, Utah and Colorado. They eat aquatic insects, crustaceans, fish eggs, small fish and pond weeds found in fresh water habitats, mollusk, marine worms found in marine habitats. The eggs of this kind of birds is about the size of chicken eggs or duck eggs. They nest in existing cavities of dying trees. The female are expected to lay 6-12 eggs but the average eggs is 9.