Crested Barbet is one of the aggressive bird

When I first see the picture of Crested Barbet, my first impression is, Wow, what a beautiful colorful bird. This bird has thick big strong bill. They live on eating insects, other bird eggs and fruit. They are found singly or in pairs. They bounce around on the ground for food, they usually call from a branch out in the open. Crested barbet common call is a long trill "di-di-di" uttered during 30 seconds and sometimes up to five minutes. It is a very vocal bird and this trill continue for long periods. I like this bird, they work together as a family. In fact both mates sometimes perform duets, by overlap of parts of your songs. The alarm call is a rapid rattle "kek-kek-kek". This bird, is common in North-eastern of South Africa but it is also found in Zimbabwe, Northern Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana. Crested barbet does not fly easily, it prefers to perform short flights. They lay eggs in a hole in sisal log and they nest from September to December often during the rainy season, but that depends to the region or place they are at. The female lays egg 1-5 eggs at once day intervals. It is a monogamous and aggressive species, they chases off nest competitors and other birds entering into their territory.To identify this bird, it has speckled yellow and red face with a small black crest. The belly is yellow with red speckles, wings are black with white specks and it has a broad black band on its neck. Yellow head and body with black and white feathers, red marking on ends of body its color blends well in the bush. This is nice bird, they also been recorded to have attacked a snake and rat.