Who teaches the teacher to teach?

Have you ever noticed how much we trust doctors? If a doctor tells us something, we take it for granted that the words are true. We revere doctors because we believe them to be some of the smartest people in the world. In fact we trust them so much that we place our lives in their hands. Have you ever wondered who is smart enough to teach the smartest people in the world? The answer may surprise you. Doctors are taught by other doctors. That means that they have to be trained in not only medicine, but in proper teaching practices as well. This is called a  teach the teacher course.

Oxford Medical in the UK provides a  medical teaching course for doctors, and students can choose between London and Oxford for the 2 day course. The  medical teaching course is given to small groups to provide better feedback and increased learning. There is a one day essential leadership and management course also, and a 3 day management course for doctors.

Oxford Medical is the largest provider of medical teaching courses in the UK. If you are looking to hone your teaching skills in the medical profession, Oxford Medical is your best choice. Check them out today and become a teacher teacher.