Actinidia arguta is an edible fruit

Lets talk about plants this time. Actinidia arguta is a climbing deciduous vine. In the forest where it is native sometimes climbing up to 15-30 meter hight into trees. It has more delicate appearance than regular kiwifruit. This plant is native to Asia and is cultivated as ornamental for their edible fruit. This species are long-lived, having been known to produce fruit for at least 65 years. The fruit contain several times as much as vitamin C, ounce for ounce, as citrus fruits. There are male and female part of this plant. The male pollinator can enable six female producers to fruit. Flowering typically occurs in May starting in the third of growth. I have never eat this kind of fruit. I wish my family have these but I do not see any when I visit the farm. This plant is native to Northern China, Siberia, and korea. The actinidia arguta can survive temperatures to about 30 C. Actinidia has emerald-green flesh and a sweet taste similar to fuzzy kiwi, but they're smaller and you eat them like a grape, tender skin and all. I like this plant and I wish my family have these.