Hawaii, is a place of dreams, interesting culture and romance

When we think of the most beautiful places on earth, one of the first places to come to mind is Hawaii.  The state of Hawaii is made up of many islands, one of which is also called Hawaii. It is known as the Big Island, which is not only big, its still growing, thanks to ongoing volcanic activity. 

Hawaii's Big Island is home to such sites as Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world; Maunakea, the tallest sea mountain; Maunaloa, the most massive mountain in the world; and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Hawaii is not all covered with lush rainforests like commonly thought; you will also find volcanic deserts, lovely black sand beaches, and even snow capped mountains.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit, or to live. There are experiences and sights that will make memories to last a lifetime. It is a good time to consider buying real estate there, because of the slumping real estate market and falling home prices. My wife and I are not affluent enough to own a Hawaiian home, but someday we hope to take a vacation