Wallabies are fairly social

Bennett's wallabies are found in the southeast portions of Australia, in a particular the island state of Tasmania. This animals makes a wonderful pet. When bottle raised from infancy and provided with lots of TLC, and plenty of attention they are capable of returning human affection to a degree astounding to most people. The most common Bennett's wallaby is grayish, red, brown colored with light almost while under markings and some have black highlight markings. The male bennet's are generally larger and more muscular weighing as much as 50 libs. The height and weight of this species varies considerably from one individual animal to another. The wallaby is fun backyard hobby animal and is a great pet. If it is care taken to consider all of their needs and you love animals but want something a little more exotic than say a "Gold Fish", then a Bennett's wallaby will bring great deal of enjoyment to your life for many years. It is quite an attractive animal. They stand about 24 to 30 inches in height and weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

The Wallaby is one of the most nocturnal of the kangaroo and wallaby species. This has a long tapering tail used for balance when jumping, their hind feet being narrow and long also help during locomotion. They also have peripheral vision, as well as keen sense of smell. As for their diet, they are grazing animals and usually prefer to graze in open plains where they can see predators coming. although they do venture into wooded areas to find young leaves with which they supplement their diet. This animals are unlike many other species of wallaby, they are fairly social animals. They live in groups called mobs, which are slightly smaller in number then those of kangaroos.