Woylie looks like a kangaroo's

Brush-tailed bettong look like a mouse to me, it is small, measured 10-17 inches length and its tail is about 9-13 inches. They weigh a mere 2-3 pounds. The color of this species is grey -brown coat and little or no hair on their muzzle and tail. They have unusual diet for a mammal. They eat bulbs, seeds, tubers, insects, plant shouts,mushroom and resin. They also eat fungus and underground truffles. Woylie or brush-tailed bettong has a powerful front legs for digging. They make round nest under fallen logs or under bushes. It is a nocturnal animals and its means it is active at night.It is related to kangaroos and wallabies. As for breeding season, a single joey is born after gestation period of about 21 days. The pouch life is about 3 months. Females can reproduce after about 6 months. These kind of species can be found throughout Southern parts of Western Australia, South Australia and Western New South Wales. The prey of this species are foxes. During the year of 1992 it was reported only from four small areas of Western Australia. In South Australia, a numver of populations had been established through introduction of captive-bred animals.

This kind of species were not affected by the posion as one of the ingredients occurs naturally in the native plants they eat. This made them immune to the poison.