Bent-toed gecko is a funny looking animals

Bent-toed gecko is a funny looking species. In this country I see many of them crawling on the wall during the evening. As I heard from old people every 6:00 pm they come down the wall and touch the ground and pray. I don't know if the story is true but base on my observation the story seems right because I see them. The bent-toed gecko species is from Souther Mindanao Island and Northern portions of the Sulu Archipelago in their recent paper in Zootaxa. Some people called this species as Cyrtodactylus jambangan and the name jambangan come from the ancient name of Zamboanga which meand "the land of flowers". This species are becoming ever more popular in captivity but while a great deal of conflicting information being circulated.Bent-toed gecko are very stress -prone but don't always exhibit the behavioral sign of stress, flight panting, threat displays.