Agave is a beautiful flowering plants

When my family and I live at the farm we had a big yard. I remember one of the flowering plants we had was Agave. The first time I heard about agave plants I do not have an idea what they look like but when I see the pictures it tells me that it is one of the beautiful flowering plans. In fact my family and I had planted around our yard as a fence. According to my research, over 300 species of Agave have been described, but only about 200 are currently recognized. There are many species of agave are bat pollinated and produce musky perfumes as attractions. The plants agave has long been cultivated in hilly, semi-arid soils of Mexico. Its fleshly leaves cover the pineapple shaped heart of the plant which contains a sweet sticky juice. Agave plants take many years to reach maturity and bloom so larger plants are highly desirable. In fact the bloom of mother agave plants are a beautiful array of pendulent bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers soaring high above the mother plant on a flower stem that may reach 20 feet or more for some agave species. This species are an excellent choice for rock gardens or well drained soils that lend themselves well to terracotta or cements planters. The agave plants have been use for an occasional treat or for a light touch of sweetness in your dishes. I hope you enjoy reading the article I share here today. If, you have comment I be happy to read them.