Ageratum flowers is one of my favarite

I like purple flower and the Ageratum flowering plants has it. I like this flowering plants, it blooms like a bouquet. This species are easy to grow in sunny location. Now lets get to know the cycle of Ageratum. The Ageratum flowering plants are among the prettiest garden blues, growing well in sun or partial shade, from early summer to frost. This flower produce a profusion of fluffy flowers all season long. They are good to grow from seeds and can be plant in containers, rock garden and flower beds.

The common name of this species Mexican Ageratum, Floss-flower, and Ageratum. It reaches about 4-24"x8-24". If you are the beginner about gardening, Ageratum would be the good start for you as it is easy to grow and cultivate. Remember that there many kinds of Ageratum so it depends on you of which one you want to grow. Oh I like this flowers, they bloom like a morning glory.