The ailanthus is known as the tree of heaven

The ailanthus species is native from East Asia south to Northern Australasia. It grows fast deciduous trees growing to 25-45 meter tall. The branches is spreading and large 40-100 cm, pinnate leaves with 15-41 pointed leaflets. There are many kinds of ailanthus species and I will stick on sharing you the ailanthus altissima. This tree is commonly known as tree of heaven. This tree was first brought from China to Europe in the 1740's and to the United States in 1784. It is one of the first trees brought west during a time when chinoiserie was domination Europe arts and was initially hailed as a beautiful garden specimen.

The altissima species is a medium-sized tree that reaches heights between 17-27 metres with a diameter at breast height of about 1 metre. The back is light gray and smooth. Lustrous and containing raised lentils that become fissures with age.This tree is reported to be invasive natural areas in 30 states across continental U.S and Hawaii. It is high adaptable to disturbance and a huge range of soil types and conditions, grows best in full sin and in tolerant of drought. This contains chemicals, including ailanthone, that have been found to have strong alle-osteopathic affects on the growth of other plants which helps it establish and spread. So be care about planting this species. It spread easy and hard to control. When you attempt to plant this species, ensure that you are not mistaking a native species like stag-horn sumac, ash or walnut for tree of heaven.