The Black Spider Monkey is hunted by man for food

I never seen monkey like a Spider Monkey. The spider monkey are more primitive than old work monkeys. Their brains are less complex, their thumbs are not imposable and their nostrils are further apart. They exhibit anatomical and locomotory adaptations not unlike those apes. This kind of monkey weigh ranges from 15-19 pounds and the body ranges fro m16-24 inches and the tain is about 24 to 32 inches. This species can be found in lowland rain forests from Mexico to South America, along the coast and the banks of the Amazon, south Bolivia and the Matto Grosso in Brazil and the mountain forest slopes of the Andes. This monkey are usually all black but some have flesh colored rings around their eyes and white chin whiskers. The female monkey have more active leading role than male so their social system is thought to be matriarchal. The males monkeys are dominant over females but it is the females that make the key decisions for the group. Every two-three years a female adult monkey will give birth to one entirely black baby. The baby is continuously carried by the mother, clinging to her and at about 5 months of age it will begin riding on her back, wrapping its tail around the mother's tail for additional safeness.

The black spider monkey's are large in size that they are not scared or threatened by the eagles and hawks that prey on smaller primates. This monkey I am talking feeds chiefly on fruit and nuts but also eats leaves, seeds, flower buds, birds, eggs, insects, and spiders. Spider monkey is hunted by man for food. So man is the main prey of this species.