Black-and-white colobus is an endangered monkey

Today I discuss you about Black and white colobus species. I think you do not have an idea what it is. Ok here let me tell you, the Black-and-white colobus animals are found in Africa, often in tropical rainforests. This species provide important functions in their ecosystems, comnsuming plant matter and serving as prey for various mammals as leopards, bird of prey, and reptiles. It is one of the most endangered species of African primates and the king colobus also is considered to be highly endangered. It is very arboreal and jymp long distance between branches. As for the size of this species, it is a small with a U-shaped mantle of long white fur that descends from its shoulders and around its back. The average body mass for an adult male abyssinian black-and-white colobus monkey is around 14.5 kilograms and for the female it is around 6.2 kilograms. This is a sexually dimorphic species. The tail of this animals is long and white colored. The infants are born all white then start turning at about 3 months. As for their diet, they are strictly leaf-eaters and spend most of their time in treetops, preferring to eat the tender young leaves found there.