Secretary bird is a weird, funny looking bird

The first word that I say when I first saw the Secretary Bird is, Oh what a long feet bird with a funny looking head. This species is absolutely weird and funny looking. The secretary bird is the only bird of prey who does more walking than flying up to 20 miles a day. No wonder though with his long feet he can walk miles and miles. It is 4 ft tall with black feathered thighs. I wish I could see this kind of bird in real life but I never been to the zoo neither see it in this country. This species weigh about 3100-4100g and length is about 110-130cm. You can find this bird only in Africa, in the grass plains and steppes south of the Sahara. Secretary bird eat snakes, grasshoppers, mice, lizard, bird eggs and the occasional small mammal. This kind of bird kills its prey by stamping on it, accurately aiming the rear talon at the skull. And occasionally aided by their height, they will pick the prey up and kill it by dropping it. They nest at the top of the trees and bring food to their young either in the beak or the crop.Secreter bird usually means a somewhat controlled fall out of the nest with lots of wing flapping until they youngster hits the ground. Parents then teach their offspring how to hunt, fly and kick. The youngster wander off on their own soon after. After the youngster are born they fly about eight weeks. You can see this bird often walking. They can run very fast and they are very accomplished fliers using thermals to gain height and soaring for long distances. The secretary bird is English name was once thought to come from the 1800s when Europeans first spotted these birds. The scientific name of Sagittarius serpentarius refers both to the resemblance of the bird to an archer and also to its preference for snakes.