Black Vulture do not make nest

Black vultures is belong to animalia kingdom and cathartidae family. This species reside in tropical and warm temperature from Southern Canada to Southern South America including continental United States of America. This bird has large raptor, short, black overall, pale bill, short and squared tail, long, pale gray legs and featherless neck. They eat carrion, small animals, garbage in areas populated by humans, and eggs. Black vultures mainly scavenge small to large sized dead animals. This bird do not build nest, they lays eggs in a cave, between large rocks at the base of a tree or in a hollow stump. When I see the pictures of this bird on the internet. The expression I say, wow! it looks like chickens and crows. This species are small but more aggressive than turkey vultures and will drive the latter from a carcass. They hunt by sight not smell and usually soars higher and in the days as compared to its close relative the Turkey vulture. When they hunt, the rides thermals upward for terrestrial soaring while only flapping wings from time to time. This bird is usually silent but may grunt, hiss and utter low barking sounds when fighting over food source. The Black Vulture has been associated with depredations of livestock or pets and damage to real estate or personal property.