Aptenia is one of the best adorable flowering plants that I like

The first time I see Aptenia on the internet images, what I'd say was " Wow it such a beautiful flower". I am not kidding or anything but the Aptenia flowering plants adorable with the pink blooms in it.Aptenia Cordifolia Based on my research Aptenia is a small genus of scculent plants in the family Aizoaceae that is endemic to South Africa. These species are popular in Arizona and California where they are used as fast growing ground cover. The most common color is magenta. Some clones with white flowers are occasionally encountered. If you are planning to plant this flowering plants remember that they are resistant to drought and do fine with some shade. There are several kinds of Aptenia flowering plants. There are Aptenia cordifolia, aptenia geniculiflora, aptenia Red Apple, aptenia lancifolia and, aptenia haeckeliana.

Here I tell you about Aptenia cordifolia. The species name Aptenia cordifolia is known by the common names "heartlef iceplant and baby sun rose". This species has magenta purple flowers and more heart-shaped, mid-green, and textured leaves.  It is native to Southern Africa and is become widely known as an ornaApteniamental plants. It is a fast growing succulent, often a short-lived perennial, 250 mm high. The roots are fleshy and thick. This species are self-fertilized and flowering occurs from spring to autumn. Flowers open during the bright hours of the day. Thinking about planting this species. You can plant them from seeds or cuttings. On summer time I advice you to sow seed at any type of dry, well-drained soil.