Some Arctostaphylos species are edible

The topic that I'm gonna share with you here today is about Arctostaphylos. This plants have about 60 species of Arctostaphylos, raging from ground, coastal, hugging arctic, and mountain species to small trees up to 6 meter talArctostaphylosl. It is one of the flowering plants that flowers are bell-shaped, white or pale pink and borne in small clusters of 2-20 together, flowering is in  the spring. It produce fruit like a small berries and berries of some species are edible. The fruit ripening in the summer or autumn.  Arctostaphylos species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Coleophora arctostaphyli which feeds exclusively on A. 

Manzanita If I remember right, we have some kind of plants in my country Philippines called Manzanita. This plant grow about 8 to 20 foot tall and they usually grow near the river bank. The berries are small but sweet. In fact the birds liking the berries. Based on my research about this species, its normally have pale-pink to white, urn-shaped flowers resembling those of Arbutus species. The leave of this species are small and oval shape measure about 1-7 centimeter long, arranged spirally on the stems.