My husband and I vacation at Tulsa Zoo

Last week my husband and I were pretty busy.We went to Tulsa Zoo for vacation. I enjoy spending vacation at the zoo. There are lots of different kinds of animals and I took more pictures to remember the day my husband and I been there. Among all the animals I saw. One of my favorite is Turtle, the turtle is so big and gentle. In fact my husband petted them. The second animals I like is birds, I did not get to pet the birds as they are inside the cage.  I feel sorry for some animals that live at the zoo. Some look miserable living in a place that don't have enough shelter. Tulsa zoo is the best zoo for me. They take good care of animals and give them enough place to enjoy the natural habitat. Below are the pictures of turtles and some other animals at the zoo. I hope you enjoy P1080003of seeing them.  

Here I gather some information about Tulsa Zoo. I thought Tulsa ZooP1080009 is owned by individual but I'm wrong. It is owned by the city of Tulsa and is part of the Tulsa Parks Department. The zoo has about 1,500 animals covering 436 species. In 2005, the Tulsa Zoo was named as " America's Favorite Zoo" . The zoo is attracted national media attention in 2005 when a group complained about the mention of evolutionary theory and the inclusion of religious icons, theories and beliefs in zoo displays, including a statue of the Hindu elephant headed god Ganesha as part of the elephant exhibition. There are lots of interesting views at Tulsa Zoo. So if you have never been to Tulsa Zoo, I suggest you to give them. I am not 100% sure that you will enjoy your vacation there but you will be amaze of how animals are taking care with natural habitat even they are inside the cage.

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