Use Aponogeton plants to add beauty to your acquarium

Aponogeton plants grow from bulb. This plants are aquatic which are found in tropical to warm temperature regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. The leaf of this species has a base that tapers gradually, pale green in colour. The single bulb of this species may produce up to forty leaves in a good conditions. There are a number of different species of Aponogeton availavle in the hobby these days as well as many hybrids. There is Aponogeton ulvaceus, aponogetum capuronii, aponogeton boivinianus, aponogeton longiplumulous and many more.

The aponogeton from Asia will haveApono a single bloom, while those with African heritage including Madagascar have multiple blooms on the same stalk. Most aponogeton die back and need a rest period after a certain length of time. First, the plant must have been well fertilized and growing in a rich subtrate.Aponogeton If not the tuber will not have been able to store enough nutrients to bring the plant back after dormancy. Remember that some aponogeton are self-fertile which means that by brushing a cotton swab or paint brush along the flower, you can do the job that insects would do in the wild.  You can pollinate the plants by doing that. If you have an acquarium, aponogeton is the best plant to add beauty inside your aquarium. In the beginning, Aponogeton usually hit the market as bulbs, usually brown in color, hairy, fibrous rhizomes that everyone calls "bulbs".