Snake are fascinating but very dangerous

Last week my husband and I went to Branson to see the museum and zoo. We enjoyed it while we were there. The zoo is small but lots of animals like snakes, fishes and many more. Some people say that the zoo is stink. Well, I'd say it's normal because they are not well set. They are still under construction to finish the zoo.  P1080557

Here I show one of the fascinating animals name "Albino cobra". Cobra P1080556are famous for the threatening hood at their neck. The spread the hood out when they feel threatened or angry. I thought there is only kind of cobra but I'm wrong. There are about 270 different types of cobras and their relatives, including Taipans, Adders, Mambas, and many sea snakes including Kraits and they all have short fangs and are all extremely poisonous. In this article I will stick of discussing you about "Albino Cobra".  This particular snake look beautiful but it is just as deadly as the rest of its species. If you have this kind of snake you should be aware that they're just as poisonous as their more colorful cobra cousins. Albino cobra originated from India and measure about 7 foot tall.