My 2011 Garden veggies

P1080616 last two year’s my husband and I been having garden measured about 10 x 30 yard. Within those years of working at the garden area we made, the garden don’t seems to produce veggies. One of the main reason was, the garden was under trees shades. As time pass by this year my husband and I decided to make a garden at other side of our property. We did and so far so good we found the right spot for garden. It is beside our chicken house and house where the sunshine hit it all day. P1080611

Here let me tell you what I have planted this year 2011, at the new garden area. I planted string beans from Philippines, Beans from here in the United State, cucumber, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, hot pepper, bell pepper, and sweet potato. last month, my husband and I harvested some of our garden veggies. We harvest cucumber, okra, beans and tomatoes. I uploaded the pictures here that I took last month so you can see the look of the veggies we got. I hope you enjoy to see them. The garden my husband and I have got is not very big but tell you what, the garden produce a lot of veggies. In fact my husband and I canned some of the beans, tomatoes, and okra. P1080606

I run out of words of telling you how wonderful my garden is this year. Now it is time for me to tell you the bad thing happened to the garden. Believe me or not animals, insects one of farmers problem. Insects bothered some of the beans, okra and tomatoes. The worst thing that happened to my garden that I don’t understand is, the deer that hang around our yard ate the beans and okra. Nowadays my garden looks bad. The okra we had and beans had eaten by deer's completely. The only thing I take good care at the garden now are tomatoes, hot pepper, eggplant and bell pepper. The rest are in bad shape. I hope to have a good garden again next year and hopefully deer won’t bother my garden.