Ferruginous hawk is a bird of prey

Hawk` There are many species under Hawk family. One of the species name is Ferruginous hank. Some people says that hawk is a bird of prey. I believe what people say because I saw hawk carrying grown chicken when I was young. The hawk are masters at soaring for long periods of time. There are twelve species of buteos breed in North America and North of the Mexico border. The ferruginous hawk is the largest buteo in North America averaging 22.5-25" long, and the with a 53-56" wingspan. This bird of prey generally seen in eastern Washington, and is the largest of Washington's hawks. Hawk1

The Ferruginous hawk has a light and a dark color phase. The head is streaked with light gray. The breast and belly are solid white, contrasting sharply with the Rufus feathering on the legs. Identification of male and female. The male and female have identical markings. The main difference is size, with the female being larger. Perched birds have a white breast and body with dark legs.The back and wings are brownish rush color. The head is white with a dark streak extending behind the eye. The wing tips almost reach the tip of the tail. Ferruginous hawks are the arid and semiarid grassland regions of North America. The countryside is open, level, or rolling prairies, foothills or middle elevation plateaus largely devoid of trees, and cultivated shelterbelts or riparian corridors, shallow canyons, rock outcrops and gullies may characterized some habitats.The behavior of this species are; they are active, with slow wings beats much like that of a small eagle. Soaring with the wings held in a strong dihedral has been noted, as well as gliding with the wings held flat, or in a modified dihedral. They hunts small to medium sized mammals but will also take birds, reptiles, and some insects. The prey of this species are; human, wild cat. sneaks, lions,and more. Remember that these birds search for prey while flying over open country or from a perch. They also wait in ambush outside the prey's burrow.