Guinea Fowls are awesome

Fowl Guinea Fowl is a beautiful creatures. It is native to Africa. This beautiful birds have a wattle on each side of their beak and a horny "helmet" on top of their brightly colored head. They have a bead-like design on their feathers which consists of tiny white dots on dark background. As my husband told it is a good bird because they ticks and other insects. There are many more color og guinea, there is lavender, coral blue,powder blue, bronze, copper, blonde, Pearl gray, violet and more. There are four species of guinea fowl, they are mainly confined to Africa south of the Sahara, although a population of Helmeted Guinea fowl is found north of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Guinea The behavior of this species are, they are capable of flight, and they forage and nest on the ground. It is a noisy and gregarious birds, but they are often inconspicuous when feeding among trees and scrub. Guinea fowl eat bulbs, tubers, berries, vegetable, fruits, snails and insects. The size of these species is approximately 42, 5-47.5 cm or 17-19 inches long. The weight is up to 1.8 kg to 4 lbs.The body is fairly long, well round, deep and solid. The calls made by adult guinea are very useful in indentifying the sexes. The males utter a one-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession: chit, chit chit. The females utter a two-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession "buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck -wheat, buck-wheat". The fowl chick is properly referred to a as a keet.