Androsace grow in rock gardens

Androsace is a large group of cushion or mat forming plants from the alpine regions of the Northern hemisphere. To cultivate these flowering plants, they are successful in troughs, scree beds and tucked among rocks in roAndrosace`ck gardens. There are several species under Androsace. 

There are Androsace albana, Androsace carnea ssp brigatiaca, Androsace sarmentosa chumbyi, and more. One of the best Androsace is androsace Albana. It forms a dense rosette with distinctive ruffled appearing leaves, a thick flower stalk with clusters of white or pink flowers. It grows best in partial shade, in gritty, sharply drained soil and grit topdress. It is a predominantly Arctic-Alpine genus with many species in the mountains of central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Southern and central European mountain system, particularly the Alps and the Pyrenees.Androsace must endure intense cold, which would destroy all shrub or tree life exposed to it.