Alcohol may be our most dangerous drug, but it’s socially accepted

We always hear about drug addictions. People talk about meth, cocaine, marijuana, and many others, but in my opinion the most abused drug is one that we often ignore; alcohol. Why do we tend to accept alcohol and keep it legal while other drugs are illegal? I think the answer is that alcohol is so widely abused that it pertains in some way to nearly all of us, including our law makers and enforcers. Probably a good many of our politicians could use a good  addiction treatment program to help them get their lives back together. Hmmm I wonder if that could be what's wrong with our government? It sometimes seems that something must be clouding their collective minds.

Alcohol is a dangerous drug that in my opinion should be just as illegal as other harmful, addictive drugs. I know too many people personally that are addicted and ruining their lives. Too many families have suffered or been broken by it; too many lives have been lost due to drunken drivers. Alcohol is so hard to quit that often a person may have to check into a  drug rehab center to help them kick the habit. Our society has so many quirks; often dangerous or addictive things are simply accepted, but we may have groups fighting against other things that are comparatively harmless. Go figure, but this is America, and so far at least we have the freedom to say what we think.