Angelica is use for many kinds of diseases

Angelica In my country Philippines I never thought there is Angelica plants. I thought Angelica is only the name of person but I'm wrong. Thanks to the internet it help me discover the things I don't know about. Angelica is generally improves gynecological health and is therefore used in infertility, painful period, menopause and irregular periods. This plant is the ancients thought was so heavenly that they named it after the angels. It belongs to one of the most magical families of plants on the planet, the umbeliferae family, named for the umbrella-shaped flower head of its members. These include carrots, parsnips, parsley, coriander, dill, chervil, celery, anise, cumin, and asafoetida, to mention a few. To identify this plants, it looks like a carrot plant with one small exception. There is some sweetness in Angelica's flowering stalk, which may be peeled and cooked, or , as often suggested, candied. This flowering plants has been used to flavor Vermouth and Chartreuse. Angelica is a very useful plants, it is known as a good remedy for colds, coughs, pleurisy, wind, colic, rheumatism and diseases of the urinary organs, though it should not be given to patients who have a tendency towards diabetes as it causes an increase of sugar in the urine.

If you are sick and taking medicine and seems there is no change about your sickness try Angelica it is use to cure for many sickness such as chronic bronchitis, cough, colic pain and nervous migraines. Remember that it can be use as mouthwash too. Wow, it is a pretty good plants I wish I have this kind of plant in the yard.